"Pulse-Impulse" is ‘An Absolute Body Clinic’ which looks after the complete physical, mental, emotional and environmental well-being of your family. Under one roof, experts of all the fields are there to give you a healthy and fit life.

With regular check of your ‘PULSE’ and giving right direction to your ‘IMPULSE’, we at pulse-impulse collectively answers your well-being.

Established in 1995 by Dr. Prabha Sanghi with her 25 years of Medical experience, has brought up this institution as her own baby.This idea of medically monitored Health Clinic came to her mind to see that even medically complicated cases can safely exercise and improve on their health and fitness level.

Dr. Prabha Sanghi
Health and Fitness is the preventive side of medicine only so if we can prevent the diseases , we can save a lot on our medical expenses and can have better quality life