Aerobic exercises are cardio respiratory exercises, which increase the oxygen carrying capacity of blood, heart muscle grows stronger and resting heart rate is lowered. These exercises not only tones up the skeletal muscles, improves on cardiac muscles, digestive system, excretory system but also improves on co-ordination, memory and reflexes.  


Aerobics has been developed recently and is very effective in improving cardiovascular condition. It provides enjoyment besides increasing the fitness levels. To make it interesting, REEBOK has introduced step aerobics, kick aerobics, box aerobics, weights and the rabands which increases your muscle mass and improves blood circulation and give your body a perfect shape.

It is a constructive healthy addiction but due importance should also be given to complete medical screening, before getting into the exercise regime, to know about the foot arches, body deformity, weight, fat% etc.

Pulse-Impulse is proud to be associated with REEBOK where “its fun to be fit.