(Healthy body possess an active mind)

There is no substitute for Exercise.  As diet is important for living exercise is equally important for “healthy living”.  One should not fall in and out of exercising regimes; it should be incorporated in your daily routine.  As per the diet no food is fattening, it is either too much or too little.  As “overeating” leads to “obesity” extreme dieting effects over all health and vitality so always eat a “Healthy Balanced Diet” which should have proper proportions of Protein, Carbohydrate, Fat, Vitamins and Minerals.  “Healthy eating is healthy living”.  Never go for a complete fat free diet because Vitamin A, D, E, K are fat-soluble vitamins and are absorbed in the body with the fats. These vitamins are very important for the growth and adequate development of body.

The key to the Healthy Life is balanced diet target muscle exercise. Also complete physical and mental-relaxation giving one a total stimulation of mind and body.  If one can spend some time and money today on one’s health and fitness one will be saving lot on one’s medical bills and will improve on one’s quality of life.  Nobody can increase your life expectancy but the disciplines life can very well improve your quality of life.

The city life is so mechanical and full of pollution that it needs a right kind of care for the body.  As the problem of obesity is the gift of these cars, lifts, remotes, call bells etc., so the answer is also with these Gymnasiums, Aerobics, Yoga/Meditation, Sauna, Steam with proper Diet-counseling and Medical supervision.

As we are social human-beings we cannot get away from parties and outing but if we are little watchful and choosy about what to pick and what to leave on the display table we can very well enjoy the food and the fun without affecting our health adversely.

As students have books available to them but they need a proper guidance and atmosphere to learn and follow them (like going to school) similarly for “Health and Fitness” you need expert guidance proper gadgets and encouraging ambiance to get the best results.
So, wherever you think of improving on your Health and fitness level remember to have a regular check of ‘Pulse’ and control on ‘Impulse’.