‘SKIN’ can give actual picture of one’s health, habit and hygiene in one glance. The beautiful flawless, glowing skin is the mirror of once good health, and the health is defined as physical, mental, environmental and emotional well being. So, “to keep skin fresh and healthy, complete package of Diet, exercise, medical screening and skin care is the right choice” says Dr. Prabha Sanghi, Managing Director, Pulse-Impulse.

We at Pulse-Impulse follow a skin care regime to give the best possible results in the minimum possible time. The basis of these treatments is formed by skin testing.

Skin Testing: This gives detail knowledge about the skin texture, skin type and any other associated problems like acne, pigmentation, unwanted hair etc. This helps the cosmetologist to reach to the root cause of any problem then the right treatments are given.


  • Fruit Facials

  • Anti pollution Facials

  • Anti aging and collagen Facials.

  • Anti acne, pigmentation, dark circle treatment

  • Treatments for open pores, white heads, blackheads etc

We specialize in Fruit Facials where the fruit is matched with the skin type after skin testing. This treatment has shown amazing results. It gives a flawless and glowing skin. This is suited to all age groups and is safe for young skin also. As all fruits and natural kitchen products are used, it has no side effects at all. This is the most safe and reliable method, which is gaining popularity in both males and females.


Hair is the “crowning glory”. We must take due care for making them healthy and nourished from root to the tip. Well-groomed hair is more than simply a matter of regular visit to the hairdresser; you should look after them externally as well as internally by keeping good physical and mental health. Although hair itself is a dead material but, hair follicle i.e. hair roots are alive; that is the reason the ancient wisdom of  “Hundred strokes a day of brushing” has a lot of meaning to it. Daily strokes of brush stimulates hair follicles to produce more oil, better blood circulation thus better growth.

Naturally beautiful hair is the gift of God, it is given to handful of people but, beautiful hair attained through natural means is available to almost every men and woman through good beauty clinics.

Our beauty clinic is equipped with all the latest gadgets to take care of all the hair probles. It offers treatments like:

  • Anti hairfall

  • Anti Alopacia

  • Anti dandruff

  • Ozone treatment for hair growth.

Special attention is given to the maintenance of skin and hair after the treatments are over. A regular visit to the beauty clinic for waxing, threading, bleaching, veg peeling, hair dressing, head massage, henna conditioning, manicure, pedicure etc is a must to pamper the stressed and worked up body.

Diet guidelines: All the skin & hair treatments need to be supplemented with a nutritive & balanced diet so that the cause of every problem is eradicated from the root and it does not errupt again. Remember “ a glowing skin is the mirror of your good health”. so, take care of your health, you can never land up in any hair or skin problem.