Non Surgical Face Lift: Is done by ISO metric Muscles Contraction There are 22 sets of facial muscles, if we exercise them regularly, we can increase its strength manifolds. These facial muscles will then have better tone and skin above the muscles will get stretched taking away the fine wrinkles. So facial skin will look younger and wrinkle free. This treatment is from deep below as the results are seen to last for years.

Breast uplift: Breast sag with age, after delivery or even other wise. It is because of loose broken elastic tissues of the breast and sometimes laxed pectorals major muscle on which the breast lies. The simple answer to this problem is exercise actively or passively. For a quick and measurable result this revolutionary Italian technology contracts the target muscles and give a striking change in your figure.  


Double chin correction: It is the adipose tissue collection below the chin.  Common causes of Double Chin are obesity, localized fat collection below chin, loose muscles skin of the face. The sure and easy answer to this cosmetic problem is to utilize this subcutaneous fat collection below chin. Now the Iso-Metric Muscle contraction of neck and chin area will consume the fat by converting this adipose tissue into A.T.P. energy for muscle contraction. The ferredic wave we pass through these muscles like SternoCleidoMestoid, Plastisma, Mentonero muscles of both sides, this  consume the fat sitting below the chin leaving your face without that extra pouch called Double Chin.

Epileation: Epeliation is a permanent hair removal programme that does not take much time and is very effective. It can be taken at any age as it is completely safe. It is used for permanent eye-brow shaping, upper-lip hair removal, cleaning the cheeks, chin, neck for any superfluous hair growth as in Harsutism. Even males can take this treatment for removing hair between their brows, on the cheeks, neck region or even in ear pinna or even the whole body. Epeliation works on the principal of Ferredic waves, which are changed to heat energy and passed through fine probes to reach the hair root. The germinal layer of the hair root which is responsible for its growth is made inactive. Thus stopping hair growth permanently.

Lymphatic Venous Drainage: It is a revolutionary treatment for puffy face, boggy eyes, water retention etc. Explained simply, your lymphatic System is the vacuum cleaner of your body. So when the vacuum cleaner bag is overloaded you have to empty it, and that is exactly what we are doing through drainage of the lymphatic system. It also helps in the removal of toxins from the body thereby giving a weight loss and better health.