With karate getting the status of an Olympic sport, the misconception that this art is only about breaking bones, has diminished. Literally translated, KARATE means empty hands. It enables a person to develop self-confidence, stabiles emotions and conditions the body to face any circumstances. Anyone, regardless of age, strength can master this art in six months but without a belt with proper training.  


Practice helps perfect the movement, posture, breathing as well as mental balance. In short KARATE is all about self-expression, self realization and self defense.  This ancient art is gaining equal popularity in both boys and girls and with recent exposure given to this sport, it has become a centre of interest for the corporate sector also.

What karate teaches you: -

  • Kicking Accuracy

  • Kicking Balance

  • The Circle

  • Knife Defense 

  • Force

  • Environment Training

  • The Heavy Bag

  • Blindfold Training

  • Kicking Circle

  • Throwing Circle

  • Weapon Sparring

  • Paper Punching

  • Cumulative Kicking Game

  • Applied Speed

  • Effortless Throwing


Pulse-Impulse offers a wide variety of karate training programs according to individual needs


These training programmes are specifically designed for the benefit of one and all.

·    Young students from Schools & Institutions are trained under the KIDS FITNESS PROGRAM where both physical fitness and mental awareness are given due importance making the child independent enough to combat situations which might be physically threatening.

·    Considering that karate is no more a technique only for the males, Special Karate training programs are designed for females under SELF DEFENSE TECHNIQUES where they are taught, how to protect themselves even with the help of a ring, chain or duppatta.

·    Professionals from Security Services, Embassies, Industrial Houses, Hotels and Multinationals are given SPECIAL TRAINING WORKSHOPS for betterment, not only in their respective health standards but also in improving on their work field. In this era of fast life and IT revolution this physical training programmes helps in reducing mental stress, upgrades the work efficiency and intelligence quotient of people, keep them physically fit and mentally alert.

“Karate” classes are taken by Sensei Naval Datta  of International Olympic fame.