If you want to manage your stress successfully you must first know what is stress?

Stress is nothing but a constant long standing physical, mental and environmental pressure.  As health is defined as physical environment and mental well-being so stress is directly going to have an effect on your health.  Stress is not a scary affair if you know how to manage it properly.  Stress is not always negative it has lot more positive side.  If there is a target to achieve or a time limit to finish the work; your efficiency will increase manifold to achieve the goal or to finish the work on time.  This is a simple example of a positive side of a stress.  So a constant stimulus of stress in a tolerable limit is always positive.  But if the stress crosses the threshold of tolerance it starts showing its negative results, in the form of many stress related diseases.

Normally people react to stress in three stages:-

Stage 1:  Alertness it is positive side of the stress and it acts as stimulus and help in increasing the efficiency.  It makes you more tolerable more alert and more result oriented.

Stage 2:  It is the stage of resistance this is the time when you start resisting and it is this threshold when the positive side of the stress might change into the negative , if not taken care off on time.  So you should be more watchful more careful about you health and should promptly react to combat the stress.  

Stage 3:-  It is the stage of exhaustion this is the final stage when persons gives in to the stress and signs of stress related complications  creeps in.  And this is completely the negative side of the stress.  It starts with irritation, anger, dizziness pell, blackouts leading to palpitation, hypertension, insomnia ( lack of sleep),  Migraine, Neck Pain, Sweaty Palms, Trembling of Fingers.  Diseases like Coronary hard disease Diabetes, Ulcers and even

Obesity can be the outcome of stress.  Obesity is seen with people who unconsciously find comfort in eating and thus easing the tension.  In reverse cases some people may go in depression lethargy and they lose interest in eating and thus become very weak, frail and underweight.  Some psychological problems and can also arise leading to even partial madness that is the reason people say there is a hairline difference between genius and mad.  People who take stress as the positive stimulus will remain genius but person who cannot take stress in the positive way form land up into madness and leading to suicidal tendency also.  The moral of the story is people with courage fight the tension and people without courage will flight away.  Check on migraine.  MIGRAINE is nothing but a headache following psychological or emotional stress, seen mainly in adolescents girls or over sensitive ladies.  

The commonest causes of the stress are pressure at work, economical problems family problems, physical or mental trauma and even to much of heat, cold or pollution may precipitate stress.  
Also seen in Nuclear family with no crushing effects  -- parental interactions
There are certain kind of food which may release toxins in turn giving you stress, even the nagging wife, over bossy boss and undisciplined children can give tension.  there is no end to this list but this is a fact that Businessmen, Big Executive, Working Ladies, Elderly and Children are more prone to this state of mind which is called stress.  
Now how to cope up with stress.  Easy said than done.  Remove the stimulus but that is not practically possible you cannot leave your wife you cannot leave you job you cannot run away from your responsibility, so when you are under stress remember to follow certain rules:-

1)  Don’t react immediately count ten and take long deep breaths to dilute the effect.
2)  Think positive and try to divert your mind towards something else.
3)  Work on your attitude and try and see positive side of it like glass is half full not half empty.
4)  Always keep your hobby alive to keep you all charges up.
5)  Take mental vacation, reciting anti stress mantra like Om namoh Shivay
6)  Get up and leave.  Just look away from the problem for sometime.
7)  If you are upset express your feeling if you have to yell or cry do it because crying is as healthy as laughing.
8)  Never try and pent up your feeling venting out will release you from the tension thus protecting you from the negative  effect of the stress.
9)  If you can behave like a child even for 10 minutes it not only releases your tension it increases your longevity.  That is the reason in joint family where grand parents interact with their grand children  on a regular basis they are much healthier and fitter as compared to the old people living a  solitary life.  So after the hard days work if the home atmosphere is more free and child like it is tonic for the stressed out executive to revive the courage back.
10)  Whenever you are tensed, stand  up, massage your neck and press your temple drop your jaw and roll it left and right.

11)  Drinking warm milk before going to bed releases serotinne which has soothing effect on your sensory organs making you calm and sareme and you can have a peaceful sleep.
12)  Soaking your body in warm water acts like a Band-Aid on your wounded temper.  
13)  Exercises is the best pent up for your pent up feeling.  So plan going for long walks exercise in the gymnasium, golfing ,etc. are all helpful to release stress
14)  Massages like accupressure massage releases lot of tension and makes you more relaxed.  Yoga - meditation with different “asanas” acts as a magic wand to combat tension.
15)  Aromatherapy as known  to everybody, ease tension.
16)  Listen to the soothing music it has enormous power to make you mind cool.
17)  Last but not the least share your feeling with a harmless person who can be a doctor, counselor or you very close friend.  So next time when you are all worked up stress out you know what to do and where to go.

Table chair exercise for executives for managing their stress which can be done by sitting on the chair.

HEAD- eyes movement, forehead, jaw, mouth  smiling
Why we say that laughter is the best medicine because that is when we are making 22 sets of muscles contract in the direction of their insertion, so it is the positive side of your exercise

Relaxation / Concentration:-
Stress:-  All of us must have read a lot about stress those days because our life style has changed in such a way that we can not afford to lead those talked about relaxed life.  Every where there is rat race, cut throat competition.  So, how can perfect relaxation be achieved.  The aim lies in relaxing your pent up feeling and relaxing through meditation and laughing technique.