Donít face each other, stand side by side and face the world.

The gym is like my personal gym with a personal trainer and flexibility to workout at any time. The staff is very polite and helpful. It is discreet and convenient to come here and Iíll continue exercising here.

Ritu Rathaur

I am thankful to pulse impulse for helping me shedding 11 kgs in a period of 3 months, giving me a lot of self-confidence and a younger face and body to go along with it. I feel like a part of this pulse-impulse family and would like to continue with the slimming program.
P.S. Thanks to Suman who attended to my slimming sessions, Anjali who supervised my diet and Sudha for their friendly and warm behaviour. I wish all the best to Dr. Prabha Sanghi who is a motivating factor in this body clinic.

Mrs. Jasjit Kaur

Thanks to pulse-impulse and all its faculty. I feel much more confident about myself. The entire team of pulse-impulse is extremely co-operative, experienced, sweet and enthusiastic. It was not only the desire to loose weight but the inclination that the environment is so homely and congenial, which kept me pushing to come here regularly. Now a days, slimming centres have opened up at every nook and corner, but I think once if somebody comes to pulse-impulse there is no way that a person will want to go anywhere else to loose weight. Thanks to all. Keep up the good work. It gives me special enthusiasm to workout here. THANKS!!

Pooja Singhania
42-A Mazjid Lane
Bhogal Market
New Delhi-14
Phone: 4327067, 4311885.

Epileation was a very good experience for me. I had very thick hair on my chin and cheeks.. I did electrolysis but it was not good. now, I feel that epileation is a good method to remove the hair especially on the face. it has removed 70% hair on my face. Suman has a very soft hand and I am fully satisfied with the treatment. I am really thankful to pulse-impulse for giving me a right direction.

Pinky Taneja

Itís been a very good experience to be part of the 6-week program at Pulse-Impulse. Apart from the fact that Iíve been able to shed off my extra weight, Iíve been treated very well by everybody. There is so much of warmth, affection and concern that you donít feel that you are undergoing some rigid treatment. A commendable place indeed.

Mrs. S. K. Nigam
67, Siddhartha Enclave
New Delhi-14
Ph: 6830404, 6311616.

I have joined pulse-impulse in august for Inch-loss program. In few months only I notice drastic changes in my body. somehow, I feel that I am in shape too. Thanks to everybody (specially staff). They are very gentle, polite and handle the client with care. hoping to continue here with another program Ė aerobics

Anita Taxali
D-101 B, New Friends Colony, N. D. 65
Ph: 6837665.

I had tried waxing, threading and even electrolysis earlier for getting rid of my excess hair growth. But epileation is the only one, which has helped me tremendously. It has taken me about 2 years of epileation and also with the help of herbal growth inhibitor my hair growth has become negligible. The specialist is also very gentle and precise while removing the hair so it is not painful as electrolysis. I am very happy with epileation and will recommend it to all.

Sapna Kumar
136, Siddhartha Enclave
ph: 6924777.

Epileation is best of the best treatment, I have found. I had very coarse hair on my chin and I was sick and tired of plucking them daily. Then I read an ad in the newspaper about epileation in Pulse-Impulse. I was earlier scared of getting it done but now I am so much satisfied with it that it has removed almost 90% of my hair on the chin. Suman has a very fine hand and she is very efficient. I really want to thank Dr. Sanghi for giving me a safe and sure treatment.

Monika Bajaj

I cleared the entrance exam and  was selected for my training but the only hurdle was my short height. I came to pulse-Impulse where I gained those 2 inches in my height in two months, which made me eligible for the training. I thank everybody from my heart specially my coach Mr. Rajinder, Anjali the dietitian and most important Dr. Prabha who motivated me through out that period and did my screening for any hormonal or medical problems. she is the one who made it possible in just two months without any food supplements or medicines. she has gifted me my career. Iíll always be thankful to pulse impulse.

Niranjan Das

I was helped a lot in my proper grooming, completely scheduled workout regime and right diet.....thanks to pulse-Impulse and its dedicated staff. who kept me in such a high spirit that I won the title of Simla queen 2000. I am still keeping fit by working out in the aerobics classes of Pulse-Impulse.

Manjari Sharma

It was a pleasant surprise when my husband commented that even after Divyaís birth you have managed to keep your hourglass appearance. Thanks to Pulse-impulse in bringing me back in shape through their post delivery slim trim program.

Mrs. Rohini Nagpal

Just after 10 sessions of non-surgical face lift at pulse-impulse , not only my friends but the mirror also testified the fact that all my fine wrinkles have vanished. my special thanks to senior therapist Suman who made me look 10 year younger.

Zakir Nagar

With the aggressive and destructive behaviour of my younger son Rahul, I was so upset that it started effecting my whole family but I am thankful to Dr. Prabha Sanghi, who just by counselling me and my elder son, treated Rahul. Now I am happy and contended with a congenial atmosphere in the goes to Dr. Prabha.

Mr. V. Ranjan
New Friends Colony

My daughter, who used to visit pulse-impulse, introduced me to yoga here, three years ago. That time I was suffering with cervical and lumber spondalytis and a very bad shoulder pain. But my initiation to yoga by Mr. Pramod Kumar has worked wonders. I have cured myself of all these ailments. Not only this, my body has slimmed down a lot, it is toned and has become flexible and supple. It has also helped me in de-stressing my mind. I am really really thankful to Mr. Pramod Kumar and of course to pulse-impulse.

Geeta Sinha
38-B, Pkt C, Sidhartha Extension
New Delhi-14

I was very tired of getting my upper lip done almost in every 2-3 days. But coming to pulse-impulse and getting the epileation done has really worked out for me as I had very thick black hair on my upper lip, slowly they are fading down and now I come only once in 15-20 days for epileation.

Also I had a lot of pigmentation on my face. The fruit facials here done by cosmetologist Sabita are very relaxing and it has improved the texture of my skin as well. On the whole the atmosphere here is wonderful. Even my kids enjoy coming here in vacations as they keep joining some class or other. This time they learned western dance and picked up very fast.

I feel that I am a lifelong member of this institute and after coming here I can go nowhere.

Sangeeta Lamba
E-11 East Of Kailash
New Delhi
Ph: 6448375.