‘Weight management’ does not mean weight loss but it means
·         Negative weight loss for obese,
·         Stamina building for normal and
·         Positive weight gain for underweights.  

Weight Management revolves around five major points:

Weight Management
"We give you a correct approach towards weight management, all kind of exercises, skin and hair treatments, medical and dental care. "



1. Body Composition Profile: The fundamental necessity before getting into any wt. mgmt program is to know and understand the reason of being under wt or over wt. Body Composition Profile is the answer. It not only gives a clear picture about bone & muscle wt, fat wt, water content in the body, total fat%, target wt and most important Basal Metabolism Rate (BMR) which is the pivot point for customised diet package and exercise planner. So, “if the base is strong, results are long-lasting”  

2. Nutritional guidelines:  “Dieting does not mean starvation”

A healthy and Balanced diet planned according to an individuals needs and requirements and taste will not only help in wt. mgmt. but will also keep the spirits high as the person will not have to starve to achieve his/her target. BMR forms the base for diet planning. If the diet is planned for weight loss, the principle would be Negative Calorie Balance and if it is for wt. gain then the principle would be Positive Calorie Balance. Special diets are planned for medically complicated cases like diabetics, hypertensives, cardiacs and others.  


3. Exercise: “The best way to keep fit is to eat well and work it out”.

With an increase in the busy schedules and sedentary lifestyles, whole community is heading towards avoidable medical problems and mental stress. “exercise” if done properly, under right guidance and medical supervision can do wonders to an individual’s fitness levels and stressed minds. There are a wide variety of exercises to choose from like Gymnasium, aerobics, dance, health-disco, karate, cycling, swimming, yoga etc. This has become the demand of the day. Research has proved that people who follow an exercise regime have better fitness levels and less risk of medical problems as against people who do not exercise or fall ‘in’ and ‘out’ of exercise regime. To sum up, “exercise should be and must be incorporated in our lifestyles for a healthier and fitter community”.

4: Medical Coverage: Although diet package and exercise regime play a key role in wt mgmt but they have no value if they are not medically screened. A complete medical screening is required for an individual with or without medical problems before he/she gets into any exercise regime to avoid the risk of any medical complications.

“As exercise and diet is the best way of wt mgmt, medical supervision is the safest way of wt. mgmt”.

5.Motivation: Now you know what is to be done and how, still you’ll need motivation at every step, right kind of atmosphere, constant reminders to keep your morals high with a positive attitude to achieve your target.  

“Pulse-Impulse” - a place with the freedom of choice for keeping your weight under control.


“Loose an inch in just fifteen minutes”  

All programs are conducted under the strict supervision of Doctors with the help of latest Italian and German physiotherapic gadgets approved by the Medical council, which has given a revolutionary breakthrough in slimming programs. They are fully computerized gadgets with no side effects. We make customised packages and provide consultation throughout the program, motivate and guide you at every step for getting perfect results.

Figure Correction: A spot reduction inch loss program to give you that enviable look.

Belly reduction: Get rid of that POT belly - its OUT.

Post Delivery Slim Trim Program: A toning & firming program under the guidance of qualified Doctors to get your look back.

Obesity with Medical complications: YES, its possible to loose weight for people suffering from hypertension, diabetes, Cardiac and thyroid problem and get the disease under control.

Lymphatic Venous Drainage: Get rid of Water retention, puffy face, boggy eyes through detoxifying and de-congestioning therapy.


Personal assessment program

This program is designed to assess your current Fitness Level and recommend an exercise program that suits your lifestyles. Our exercise specialist along with the Doctors will test your aerobic capacity, body composition, blood pressure and resting heart rate, flexibility, muscular endurance and strength.

You’ll receive a computerized Body analysis report of your assessment, which will diagnose weakness and strengths. This is extremely important for recovering Health and Vitality.

Truthful approach towards weight management is “eat well and work it out”.