Modern lifestyle’s growing threat - ‘stress & tension’ the sure shoot way to come out of it is yoga-meditation.

ASANAS: Asanas (the physical exercises) are basically yogic postures  that help is stretching and strengthening the muscle, ligaments, tendons and lubricating the joints.  They help in toning up your body and make it more flexible, supple and beautiful. Some basic Asanas which can be practiced by anyone regardless of age, sex or physical ability:

1.Bhujangasana: This pose helps  in restoring the position of the spinal disc and thus tones the spinal muscles. This asana is remarkably beneficial in curing asthma, high blood pressure, cervical spondylitis and heart diseases.

2. Salabhasana: This pose is good for digestion and for relieving gastric problems, imparts elasticity to the spine, helps in problem of slipped disc and prostate glands problems.

3. Payanmuktasana: This pose makes the spine supple and elastic, mobilises the joints, invigorates the entire nervous system. It streches all the muscles on the posterior side of the body. It is very helpful in gastric problem, low B.P. and constipation.

4. Setubadhasana: It improves the blood circulation, releases tension from the cervical, upper back and shoulder region. The people suffering from slip disc and lumber spondylytis are benefited a lot from this asana.

5.  Uttanpadasana: This pose brings flexibility to the hip shoulder and knee joints and has a curative effect on backaches by strengthening the spine.  It also reduces protruding tummy.

6. Naukasana: This pose removes lethargy and rejuvenates the whole body.  It is also useful in curing obesity, high Blood pressure and Rheumatic diseases.

7. Makarasana: This asana benefits liver, spleen and intestine. It helps remove pain in back and hips. Neck muscles are strengthened to a great extent.

Following are the eight advanced asanas and their benefits

1.  Gyan Mudra:        Good for concentration.
2.  Yog Nidra:          Good for relaxation, flexibility and joints pain.
3.  Utthita ek Padsirasana: Good for spinal problems.
4.  Omkar Asana:          Good for concentration,for arms and chest      joints and muscles.
5.  Pachimottanasana:    This pose helps all the organs of the     abdomen, the whole spine and improves digestion.  A longer stay in     this pose also massages the heart.
6.  Dhanurasana: This pose removes lethargy, very good for gastric and      intestine diseases.
7.  Shirshasana: Stops greying and falling of hair, improve eye sight.
8.  Mayurasana: Good for intestine and abdomen, indigestive      hepatomepthy.

Yoga : Asanas
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Yoga : Asanas
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PRANAYAM: Pranayam is a breathing exercise which cleanses and strengthens the body but its most important benefit is that it eliminates mental tension, makes the mind peaceful, clear and steady.  It also helps in removing the toxins from the body. Following are the most commonly done breathing exercises which can easily be done by the beginers.
1. Yogic breathing
2. Alternate Nostril breathing, ANULOMA - VILOMA
3. Bhastrika
4. Ujjayi

Yoga meditation has always been a mirror to look into yourself; to become more of what you want to be and an achiever.

MEDITATION: It is a process of controlling the thoughts in the mind. Thoughts are brought together and the mind is made to concentrate and focus on them. The aim is to get a thoughtless mind. When there are no thoughts in the mind, we can look into our innerbeing. So, we call uninteruppted flow of concentration for 12 seconds  ‘Dharna’ and when such a state of Complete absorbtion, lasts for 144 seconds, it is called ‘Dhyana’ , i. e. meditation.

The most essential requirement for meditation are:-
A calm atmosphere, so that the concentration is not inturrepted.
An object to concentrate on.
A comfortable posture
A mind that is empty of thoughts

Research shows that if a person remains in a thouughtless state for half a minute, the following changes take place in the body:

1.  The heart beat slows down by 3 beats per minute.  The heart which normally beats 72 times per minute, beats only 69 times and relaxes on an average.
2.  The lungs expand only 11 times a minute which is normally 18 times. So, breathing becomes slow and deep.

3.  The need for oxygen in the body drops down.
4.  The level of lactates in the blood falls.  Lactates is produced by the muscles.  When the level of lastate in the blood increases tension increases.  So, when a person meditates the lactate level in his blood falls and consequently anxiety, fear, palpitation disappear.
5.  Blood pressure becomes normal.
6.  When a person is in meditation the brain produces alpha and theta waves.  These waves are produced when a person sleeps or is hypnotized.  The waves produced during meditation are of a special types which give rest to the brain and relaxation to the mind.

Yogic Kriyas: Besides these postures, yoga includes, certain yogic Kriyas eg. Kunjal, jal neti, dhauti. These Kriyas help in cleansing and purifying the body by taking out the phelgum and mucus that might be blocked inside. It cures asthama, sinus and headaches.

This helps in taking out the phlegm and mucus that might be blocked inside and breathing will also feel easier.  It cures asthma, sinus, headache and is also good for eye sight.


Yoga : Asanas
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